About ‘Missional Mainer’

On this blog Aaron Prill humbly attempts to express and explore ways to live out an intentional and active Christian faith in our area — in order to bless others in the process. Because “church” isn’t just something you go to, it’s something you are!

NOTE: This blog existed as ‘Counter Culture’ from September 2012 until March 2015 when upon a desire to refocus it’s intent, the name was changed to ‘Missional Mainer’.

What does ‘missional’ mean?

While many definitions exist for the word within the context of how to “do church”, the most simple way to describe being “missional” is it means simply to “be the church” all 7 days of the week (instead of just attending a church building for 1 hour on Sunday).

Here’s a quote that sums up the sentiment of the word —

“‘Missional’ is not an event we tack onto our already busy lives. It IS our life. Mission should be the way we live, not something we add onto life: “As you go, make disciples.”; “Walk wisely towards outsiders”; “Let your speech always be seasoned with salt”; “be prepared to give a defense for your hope.” – Jonathan Dodson

About the Author

Aaron Prill lives in Bangor with his family, where he attends and serves at his local church. He grew up without ‘organized religion’, but came to the Christian faith in his late 20’s. For more on his testimony, check out this post.

Aaron works as a developer and analyst for a national software company, is an independent web consultant, enjoys raising his two young boys, spending time with his wife, and playing golf as time permits (which isn’t often).

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