Saturday in Bangor: Get equipped to live on mission with one-day discipleship training

This Saturday, June 6th in Bangor there will be a ‘Missional Discipleship One-Day’ held at the Union St Brick Church, 126 Main St, Bangor. Hosted by Imago Dei Church, this day of equipping is free and open to the public.

If you have a desire to learn more about what it means to “live on mission”, both individually and as a family — as well as meet leading practitioners in the Bangor area in this field — please stop by and connect with the folks at this event.


As described in the Facebook event:

What if your schedule, family life, and location weren’t barriers to mission, but were compatible (or even helpful) to effectively sharing Jesus with them?

Come to this Day of Equipping to learn to discover how God might be inviting YOU into missional living.

Guest Speaker/Teacher Gina Mueller

The visiting speaker/teacher is Gina Mueller from 3D Movements, a well-known missionally-focused organization that is committed to “putting discipleship and mission back into the hands of ordinary people.”

Gina lives with her family in Minnesota where she is the Missional Communities pastor at Mission Point Church, a church plant that meets in a movie theater. Her greatest passion is equipping the people of God to live as everyday missionaries in their everyday world. She fully believes the work of God isn’t left to the professional Christians, but to moms, dads, executives, college students, and kids as they bring the power and presence of God to their neighborhoods, workplaces, schools and sports teams.

Gina coaches leaders around the country and speaks at camps, events, and churches, igniting a fire in the hearts of believers and equipping them to engage their world and take their missional frontier.

Session Schedule

We hope to see you at this informal gathering of missionally-focused people. Come by for all or just part of the day. Here is the expected schedule as outlined on Imago’s website:

9:00 am- “Family on Mission” workshop

When it comes to living a life on mission, we make all sorts of excuses. We’re too busy, our life isn’t perfect enough, our house isn’t big enough, we like our alone time, we don’t know how… The problem is, we become really good church people who really love Jesus but are largely ineffective at changing the world with the power and presence of Christ! In this session we’re going to let the pressure out of the balloon a bit, redefine what mission is, and engage with the life God has made available to us.

10:30 am- Break

11:00 am- “Living Missionally” workshop

What if we’ve made mission out to be harder than it is? What if we’ve reduced the Great Commission to be something only some Christians can do well? Lets take a journey back to look at the way Jesus taught his disciples. Because we believe Jesus is the greatest leader that ever lived, we believe the strategy He gave his disciples for mission still works today and is something we all (yes all!) can live into!

12:15 pm- Lunch

1:30 pm: Citywide “OUT”

Time to practice! No, we won’t be handing out tracts, knocking on doors or shouting from the street corners – promise! We’re going to engage in some incredibly simple, life-giving, freeing strategies for mission that any personality, any risk level, any age can do. This will simply be a time to practice what we learned during the morning workshops so you can use these strategies in your
normal rhythm of life.

3:30 pm- Coffee and Testimonies

This is a great opportunity to get some hands-on, missional training in the Bangor area. It should be an awesome day! If you have any questions, please post them to the Facebook event.