Bangor store stands firm after getting complaints for Jesus-themed windows

NOTE: The below article was written when this blog was formerly called ‘Counter Culture’ and therefore may not fit the theme of “Missional in Maine”. It remains published here for archiving purposes.

This story passed through my social media feed the other day and I couldn’t resist giving it a virtual ‘shout out’.

Discount Mattress and Furniture in the Airport Mall in Bangor currently has their windows decorated with a nativity, and the words ‘Jesus is the Reason for the Season.’


Nothing wrong with that, right? Jesus is the reason for this season after all.

Well, apparently some “window watchers” are not having a happy holiday upon seeing this display because the furniture store recently posted the following message to their Facebook Page

“We are getting some calls that people don’t like our windows at Discount Mattress & Furniture /Airport Mall. We understand that you will not shop here and we are sorry if it offends you..To those that asked us to take the scene down…we are sorry that you don’t believe as we do but the windows are staying as displayed until January 1st. If our sales decline due to our window scenes then we will shut our doors and still give the glory to the Lord.”

In this day of political correctness around the holidays, this business owner definitely deserves a pat on the back for standing firm. Thankfully, they did not retreat from the vocal few that have nothing better to do than to try and ruin Christmas for the rest of us. I know where I’ll be buying my next couch.

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