4 ways to avoid being a ‘Gospel infomercial’


All too often sharing our faith as Christians — if we even do it all — becomes a script that we recite. We do our best to remember to list all the features of what Jesus did on The Cross, before attempting to close the deal of eternal life for just one easy payment of ‘accept Jesus into your heart’.

We reduce evangelism to a ‘Gospel infomercial’.

Infomercials can of course succeed, but the problem is when they do it typically comes when the cost isn’t counted ahead of time. In short, Items received from an infomercial are purchased in haste, quickly forgotten about, and oftentimes discarded all together.

Unfortunately, the same can be true for someone who makes a profession of faith after a high-pressure gospel presentation. That is if they even stick around long enough to hear it. What happens more often is our listener “changes the channel” before the conversation even gets started.

We can do better, and we must. People’s lives depend on it.

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